Celebrity Caliber Wedding Venue for #TheWadeUnion

Wedding Venue Afterparty tent for Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

Can you imagine having John Legend himself performing at your wedding? The Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Wedding Venue held that and more!

A lot goes into planning every wedding, but when your clients are an NBA player for the Miami Heat and a Hollywood actress, everything gets kicked up to another level.

Eventstar had the pleasure of working with wedding planner extraordinaire, Bonnie Walker, on behalf of the famous couple. Together, along with multiple vendors and world class talent, we turned the couple’s dreams into reality on their big day.

The Wade Union Wedding Venue Video

In this video Eventstar’s Senior Production Manager Gerry Melendez highlights the main elements that went into these special wedding structures:

The Location

Everything about this wedding had a classy, fashionable, fun, and eclectic vibe suitable for the American elites. The event took place at a private estate called the Chateau Artisan. The castle-like home with it’s surrounding moat served as the breathtaking scenery for the occasion. The nuptials and after-party took place outdoors and in a combination custom wedding tent structures.

The Wedding Venue’s Temporary Structures

There were several structures that went into creating the dream wedding venue for “The Wade Union.”

1. A Pool Cover that could hold a grand piano and serve as a performance space for the pre-ceremony music and Mr. Legend. There was also a canopy to protect the musicians and the piano from any bad weather.Dwyane Wade with Eventstar Structures
2. The Bridal Tent was camouflaged and out of sight so that Ms. Union would seem to magically appear when it was time for her big reveal.
3. A Floating Bridge for Ms. Union to cross the moat in order to get to a small platform with Mr. Wade. This is where they exchanged vows.
4. The Reception Tent Structures provided two different experiences:

a. A Crystal Box Dining Room for the black and white themed candlelight dinner. This space was a variation of the Eventstar custom Curv structure featuring a sexy low slope curved roofline, 20’ reinforced columns, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the entire estate.
b. The 1940’s “Juke Joint” Themed After Party Space was located behind the dining room. To set the mood, it was important that this tent be as dark as possible inside, not allowing any passing light. We achieved this by fabricating custom ceiling and wall panels made with a vinyl material that has a black interior side and white exterior side. We made sure that the fabric roofs were equipped with beam covers to ensure that no light or water would leak through the splices or connections. The interior was decorated with elevated porches, rusted corrugated roofing, and aged oak-plank floors. The venue was equipped for world class entertainment with a live R&B band. Afterwards, none other than Questlove kept the party grooving as this night’s very special guest DJ!

5. Auxiliary tents were provided for important elements such as technical support, catering, and the guest check in area.


The Critical Balance of Function and Fun

Bonnie Walker commented to People magazine, “They wanted to delight their guests with lots of twists and turns, fun and surprises.” This goal was exceeded with fun to be had around every corner. To make sure all of those corners were secure, Evenstar was there to ensure the dream venue that we designed was also safe, solidly engineered, and installed properly. According to Evenstar’s Senior Project Manger Gerry Melendez, “We understand that there is no such thing as ‘too much planning.’  We were reaffirmed that working in harmony with the right team and vendor selection is the formula for success.” Months of planning went into making sure there would be seamless engineering, construction, and removal processes within the strict time and space constraints. As a result the guests experienced a flawless event with their focus squarely on celebrating the love between Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union.

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