VIP & Press Tents at the Central Park Horse Show

VIP & Press Tents at the Central Park Horse Show

Planning is key when installing event tents in one of the world’s busiest  parks. Even with a visit from the pope going on in the background, the horse show must go on! The second-annual Rolex Central Park Horse Show last week was a huge success. Eventstar was pleased to be working on the event again by providing tenting solutions for the venue, most notably, the VIP & Press Tents.

Central Park is a busy place on any given weekend, even without a visit from Pope Francis. There are many strict regulations controlling who can be contracted, what is allowed to be done in the park and when. Therefore, extremely detailed planning was required well in advance in order to coordinate with the various vendors under very limited time restrictions. Loading and unloading could only occur between 10pm and 6am. The installation of all the elements of the venue had to happen simultaneously in harmony in order to pull it all together in time. Luckily, this is where Eventstar excels. Senior Production Manager Gerry Melendez was on hand to insure everything came together without a hitch.

VIP & Press Tents Aerial View - Central Park Horse Show

The Rolex Central Park Horse Show is an event like no other in equestrian sport. The event brings together Olympic level open competition for a spectrum of multi-discipline events. Competitors came from all over the world to participate. The goal of hosts Mark & Katharine Bellisimo has been “to help the general public connect not only with Olympic equestrian disciplines but also the simple wonderful grace and beauty of the horse itself.”

Rolex Central Park Horse Show VIP Tent entranceThey brought several sponsors and vendors together to host the event at the Trump Wollman Skate Rink. Despite the logistical difficulties, Central Park is the ideal setting because of New York’s rich equestrian history. The park itself with it’s backdrop of skyscrapers along Central Park South delivered a breathtaking view. The ability to produce such an event is a testiment to the organization’s ambition and focus.

The event took place September 23-27, 2015. Competitions included US Open $40,000 FEI Speed Class, presented by Canadian Pacific Railway, US Open $212,000 FEI 3* Grand Prix, presented by Rolex, and the US Open $75,000 Dressage Freestyle presented by the Axel Johnson Group.

Eventstar’s main contributions to the event were the tent structures for the press and VIP area.

VIP Terrace Tent

View from VIP Tent - Central Park Horse Show
The VIP area was an elevated 2-tier platform perched above the Wollman Skate Rink building. The space offered a covered elevated view of the competition. The tent structure included clear roof panels providing skylights to guests. There were two levels of tables with full service. The package included extras from the sponsors, Champagne, food, drinks and all the extra comforts VIPs have come to expect at equestrian events.

Press Tent

Press tent at the Central Park Horse Show
The Press tent was another elevated structure. The 2 story tall structure had a curved roofline with a custom half arch in the back. It was constructed as an overpass so pedestrians could safely pass underneath it when entering the main venue. The event was televised on NBC Sports so the tent had to accommodate the needs of the press for full production.

Despite the tight quarters and surrounding commotion for an outdoor event, this high profile stage came together seamlessly.

Rolex Central Park Horse Show 2015

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