Inside the Huge Tents of Art Miami

Giant Tents of Art Miami

Every year the art world descends on Miami to showcase the best in modern and contemporary art. Art Basel usually takes place around the first week of December at the Miami Beach Convention Center with satellite art fairs sprinkled all over the city. This international festival requires several fabric architecture installations to serve as temporary galleries housing the art exhibits. Eventstar Structures is the company behind many of these huge tents.

If you are a Miami resident, you are well aware that every year around November huge white tents start popping up on street corners. Some of them take up entire city blocks.

Then, it is only a matter of time before the traffic becomes unbearable and daily life grinds to a halt. Luckily, this annual tradition also comes with a concentrated dose of culture to renew the senses for the season (and to break up the standard holiday kitsch.)

Eventstar is involved in some of the biggest, most renowned fairs in the festival including: Art Miami and it’s sister fair CONTEXT, Design Miami/, Pulse Miami Beach, Scope Miami Beach, Spectrum, and more.

Challenges in Art Basel’s Huge Tents

Giant Art Miami TentThe challenges of installing tents for this event are unlike others that Eventstar works on. Usually the primary concern for the environment inside the tent is the comfort of the guests. While that is still of utmost concern, in this case there is also valuable art to take into consideration.

Custom Construction

The “tents” that Eventstar creates custom for the event are unlike anything you could pop-up in your backyard. They are award-winning, seamlessly installed structures that rival the function of permanent buildings. They are completely designed, engineered, and fabricated in-house. By controlling every aspect of the process we can insure that all specifications are not only met, but exceeded.

Temperature Control Inside

Eventstar engages elaborate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems so that the environment inside the structures is tightly controlled. This is crucial for an art fair in order to preserve the various types of media and protect them from Miami’s humidity and sometimes extreme weather.

The Weather Outside

This year was one of those years when protection from the weather proved to be vital. Often the art community comes to Miami for a week in the sun and away from freezing December weather up north. 2015 was a big exception because not only was the weather up north unseasonably warm, but the weather in Miami was humid, rainy, and generally miserable. Luckily Eventstar’s structures are completely prepared for just such a scenario so the atmosphere inside the tents was completely unaffected. Even if there was a hurricane, Eventstar’s structural engineering and staff are equipped to deal with it.

Full Production

In addition to the temperature and ventilation, Eventstar was responsible for many aspects of the production including the flooring, lighting, and even the restroom facilities.

Once again spectators were delighted by the abundance of new and exciting work in the art world. Of course most people were more aware of the art than the structures that contained them. That’s as it should be; it means the structures did their job. If anyone did look up and wonder who was responsible for the huge tents looming over them, the answer is Eventstar Structures.

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