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Temporary Airport Proposal

Eventstar’s specialized services take care of all temporary event structure needs from custom tent design to manufacturing, rentals, logistics, maintenance, and removal. Contact Evenstar for help with your unique projects.

Eventstar Structures’ Specialized Services:


    From conception to reality, Eventstar Structure’s design team will provide you with unparalleled service. Eventstar’s experienced team of architects, engineers and designers partner with its clients to create the ideas that they have envisioned. From resourceful CAD drawings, to high-end renderings, Eventstar’s clients are never disappointed. Whether its one of Eventstar’s standard structures, or one its widely acclaimed custom modular buildings, clients receive full-fledged access to Eventstar’s compliment of design services.


    A key advantage of working with Eventstar is the extensive logistical experience it has in its field. Eventstar sees every project form its client’s point of view. Our process of planning, implementing and cost effective handling of equipment, materials, and related information, from point of origin, to point of utilization, has been designed with the purpose of exceeding the client’s expectations.


    Eventstar’s products and support are second to none. Owning or leasing an Eventstar structure provides the added value of having seasoned specialist a phone call away for ALL of your structural maintenance needs. Eventstar offers on-demand post sales support. The Eventstar team can provide structure dismantling, frame refurbishment, fabric cleaning, storage and on-site reinstallation services with minimum impact to your operations.


    From its inception, Eventstar Structures has been distinctively different. With an in-house design team, and a full-scale fabrication facility, Eventstar is taking a new step in portable and modular architecture. By incorporating CNC machinery into its production process, Eventstar is able to exponentially reduce production time, while significantly increasing output. Eventstar’s designs and broad-based experience in the event industry allow it to manufacture structures that blend creative designs.


    Eventstar’s diversified rental inventory of temporary and modular structures offers prospective clients the option of designing unique venues for their temporary and semi-permanents building needs. Eventstar offers an assortment of tent sizes and styles that are expandable in incremental modules. Eventstar can also stock or manufacture your choice of fabric in any color or pattern.


    Eventstar’s innovative financial approach allows our clients to choose among several long-term acquisition options; purchases, short or long term leasing, and even buy-back programs. Purchase and lease contracts are available for new and refurbished structures. Whether Eventstar is creating your unique design, or a standard structure, it can blend used and new components to maximize the value of your purchase thanks to Eventstar’s use of modular and interchangeable components.

Contact Eventstar Structures to get more information about specialized services in custom design, manufacturing, installation, event management, and removal of temporary structures.


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