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Eventstar’s custom-designed structures transform spaces into unique experiences. Bespoke structures are used to convey a brand or an event’s message in a distinctive approach by creating a signature environment.


Customized-modular buildings and tent structures can be fitted with our full line of accessories to enhance design and functionality.               

Accessories Include:


• Insulated Rigid Wall Panels
• Glass Wall Panels
• Sliding and Modular Doors

• Interior Fit-Out 

• Printing / Branding

• Climate Control

• Flooring


The Heineken House at Coachella 2019 was a 6400 sq.ft. custom aluminum framed structure that was a fresh new take on the brand’s 18th consecutive desert activation. 

2019 Archive:

Coachella Heineken House

Indio, California

Winner of the IFAI International Achievement Award's Best in Category

CUSTOM Gallery
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