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Eventstar provides a full line of clear span structures for many applications and industries including sports, entertainment, exhibition /trade show and industrial. We proudly service companies and events such as The Kentucky Derby, Formula E, The NFL, LA Auto Show, MIBS, The US Open, The Miami Open, The Polo World Cup, LGCT amongst many other world class events.


Eventstar has partnered with Fortune 500 companies, to develop environments that highlight corporate branding, while immersing patrons in first-class guest experience.

To celebrate Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary, the company took over Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace to host a fashion show for the ages. 10,000 sq. ft. of custom structures were erected to serve as the venue for this momentous occasion for such an iconic American brand.

2019 Archive :

Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary

New York, New York

Winner of the IFAI International Achievement Award of Excellence

TEMP Gallery
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